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Sonja Lenk
M.A. in Anthropology, Political Science of South Asia, History of South Asia, University of Heidelberg, Germany; PhD in Anthropology, University of St Andrews, Scotland; taught courses on civil society and ethnic conflict at the South Asia Institute, University of Heidelberg

Research interests: consciousness and the transformation of consciousness, in particular Buddhist meditation practices, phenomenology, the individual, worldviews as forms of socio-cultural conditioning, cosmopolitanism.

Thomas Hübner
M.A. (Sports Science, Sociology, Religious Studies), University of Heidelberg. Mindfulness Trainer, Hypno-systemic coach, educational supervisor, author, management trainer and former High School teacher.

Special interests: transforming the educational system in view of current challenges, research on mindfulness and attention, science of consciousness, writing.

Max Althammer,
M.A. in Biology and Chemistry, TU Darmstadt. High School teacher (Head of Department for Chemistry), Yoga instructor and mindfulness trainer.

Special interests: neurophysiology and the impact of contemplative techniques on the nervous system, bringing mindfulness into classrooms and changing the educational system from inside.

Beatrix Brunner-Ballek
M.A. in German Literature and Physical Education, University of Vienna; former High School teacher; trainer for school management; communication trainer; supervisor for team processes; educational counselling and career guidance at schools; Gestalt-pedagogy; counsellor for children with behavioural problems, special needs and attention deficits.

Special interests: alternative education systems, awareness and attention, consciousness, cosmopolitanism, transparency in group processes, interplay of body, mind and soul.

Marcus Franke
M.A. in Anthropology and Political Science of South Asia, University of Heidelberg, Germany; PhD in Politics, University of Hull, England; taught courses on state formation, nationalism, ethnicity, ethnic conflict, war, civil society, cosmology of political elites, political philosophy and history of ideas at the South Asia Institute of the University of Heidelberg.

Research interests: causes of insurgencies and wars, conflict resolution and peace research, the possibility of democracy, political philosophy and peripheral conceptions of social and political order; author of the book War and Nationalism in South Asia: The case of the Nagas (London and New York: Routledge, 2009).

Ralf Rehberger
M.A. in Anthropology, Philosophy and Psychology, University of Heidelberg; taught courses on civil society, political philosophy and history of ideas, civil society, cosmology of political elites, political philosophy and history of ideas at the Anthropology Department and South Asia Institute, University of Heidelberg; on cultural anthropology, ritual, and criticism of globalisation/capitalism at the Baden-Wuerttemberg Cooperative State University, Mannheim; communication trainer.

Research interests: Foucault, power and knowledge, post-structural philosophy, economic systems, globalisation, cosmopolitanism, political philosophy and history of ideas.


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